If You Want More Love In Your Life, Do This…

Let’s be honest, there isn’t nearly enough love doing its rounds in the world today. Love is one of our most basic human emotions. Without it we are unfulfilled at the core and dare I say that, a life without love is a meaningless one.

I know for a fact that love is the most powerful force in this world! If you want more of it, then do these 4 things consistently for the next 90 days:

  1. Eliminate any and all negativity from your life as far as possible

I’m talking people, situations and the media – whatever is dragging you down, get rid of it. If there is a friend or family member in your life that is a negative influence limit your contact with that person as much as you can. If at all possible, I would like to invite you to cut ties with this person. Also stop watching the news – Yes I did just say that! Make some serious changes to your social media so that you only follow and see inspirational stories and people. Once you rid yourself of negative external energy you will feel lighter and more open to receiving love.

  1. Start your day with a Gratitude Journal

One of the best ways to attract more love and light into your life is to be grateful for that which you already have. Reflect on all the things you do have (however small) that you are taking for granted right now. I like starting my day with 3 things I am grateful for and then I physically write them down in a journal as research shows that writing something down is 100x more effective in re-wiring your thinking patterns. You may want to also reflect and be grateful for all the love you already have in your life, be it friends, family or your pets. Perhaps it’s just that you love the sunshine that trickles through your window onto your bed each morning. When you are truly grateful for that which you do have, and recognize the love you already have in your life, you attract more of what you are grateful for.

  1. Be love

One of the best ways to attract more love into your life is to be a person who radiates love. The only way to do this is to fill yourself with love, and the fastest way to do that is to love yourself and take care of yourself. One of the best life decisions I made nearly a decade ago was a new kitten shortly after a bad breakup. No matter how sad I was, I knew it was important for me to start my day with loads of cuddles and love.  Since then, our family unit has acquired a husband, dog and daughter too J

  1. Be in the moment

It’s natural to get stuck in a rut and go through life in autopilot mode. When we float through life without really being here we miss all that’s in store for us. Stop for a moment and be present. Inhale and experience your environment. Appreciate the scent, the colours and the sounds. Be in the moment. When you are present, you are open to receive. Be it a quick smile or a compliment. Receive it. Even if it’s just the beauty of nature, take it all in and receive.

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