How To Get A Guy To Commit To you

How To Get A Guy To Commit To you

Want to know how to get a guy to commit to you once and for all?

My incredible client just posted a pic on Facebook with her new-ish boyfriend. They’ve been going steady for 3 months.

This makes my heart sing – every time! Hang on – let me just finish my happy dance!

When I met Karen, she had been single for more than 8 years. But not for lack of trying.

The men she was meeting didn’t have their act together. They were either unemployed or non-committal. And on the odd occasion when she did meet someone she really liked, things seemed to fizzle out after the 2nd date.

Karen’s career had taken off and every other part of her life was on track, except her love life. She owns a beautiful home, has 2 dog-children and frequently embarks on travel adventures. But she was doing it all alone.

She was ready to meet the love of her life and start a family but secretly wondering whether she would ever find love.

She knew she needed help or nothing would change.

The first thing we did was remove her online profiles and stop the dating spinning cycle.

She trusted me completely and followed my guidance every step of the way. She also worked very hard and implemented everything I taught her.

We started investing in her and making sure that she was the best and most optimised version of herself, so that she could attract such in her life.

We did a lot of work on letting go of the past (including some deep childhood trauma) that affected the way she showed up in all areas of her life. She finally let go of all those stories – for the last time!

We then debunked all the limiting beliefs she had around men, dating and relationships.

She got clear on the mistakes she was making and began to identify clear new choices and actions.

She stepped into complete self-love and acceptance which translated into a newly found, super sexy and empowering confidence.

I helped her put together a profile of who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, based on her core values and relationship needs and wants.

She followed my step by step guide on how to meet ONLY quality men (online and offline). We eliminated the task of wasting time and going on dates with men she had nothing in common with. This meant that dating was more fun.

Before my very eyes, she transformed into a High Value Woman with unlimited potential!

Within 2 months of working with me, Karen went from being chronically single for nearly a decade to meeting the man of her dreams.

He is literally everything she dreamed of and more!

He runs his own successful business.

He has never been married and wants children.

He introduced her to his parents and met her mother within a couple of weeks of their first date.

He committed to her and made the relationship official within a month of meeting her.

Karen tells me that sometimes, she needs to pinch herself, just to make sure that her new life isn’t a dream.

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