Why Meeting More Men Will Not Solve Your Love Life

Today I wanted to talk about a huge mistake that I see a lot of single women make when they try meeting more men. 

They are seriously putting themselves out there. They have an online profile, are swiping left and right and try meeting more and more men. These women figure, if they keep going at it, they will meet ‘him’ soon!

And when they find someone they really, really like, they are either:

>> Trying everything within their power to make him fall in love with her (so working really hard at it)

>> OR they start playing games – like hard to get

The way I encourage my clients to step into true love with an amazing guy is the path of least resistance. It’s also the easiest way to find love by far without having to be meeting more men. (No need to work at it so hard or play games. Trust me, I have tried both strategies before!)

My methodology helps you rediscover (or for the first time discover) your authentic self. This way dating and relationships feel natural (just like breathing), because you don’t have to work at it or play games.

You just get to be the real authentic you.

From that place, finding love actually becomes very easy to do. I see it happen all the time.

Men find an authentic High Value Woman irresistible!

I know a lot of experts are handing out advice and rules about how to act, what to do and what not to do so that you can be meeting more men and catch the guy of your dreams. Following rules just means more hard work, being less of who you really are and doesn’t result in a healthy, long-term relationship.

Maybe you’ve started feeling like a total loser at the dating game. Perhaps you are struggling to stay positive and get out there and meet more men – only to achieve the same results.

I help smart, accomplished women (just like you), to stop destructive relationship patterns, get off the dating spin cycle and find inner love and acceptance. From that place I then help them create abundance in their love life.

When my clients are done working with me they are either dating an abundance of quality men and need to choose one to settle down with. Or they leave my process in a new relationship with the man of their dreams.

Seriously. This is what I do all day every day. I have a proven step-by-step process that has been repeated time and time again.

My clients truly transform their lives because the work I do is based on neuroscience.

The process involves more than 40 hours of self-study and learning activities.

It involves mind-blowing one-on-one sessions with a psychotherapist who will get to the core of what is really going on.

The process also involves being part of a loving and supportive community that upholds a higher standard for you.

It also involves 24/7 real time support so that you can get the help that you need right there in the moment when you need it most.

So you can try to work on this alone. Get out there and date more men. Keep going on dates that are dead ends.

But how long have you been approaching dating this way and how long before you are willing to admit that this is not really working for you?

OR you can start tapping into your unlimited authentic potential and navigate each phase of dating and relationships with ease and grace.

A few weeks from now when you look back you will wonder how you ever tried finding love by just meeting more and more men. You will be relieved that you no longer need to worry about where or how to find men, but rather having choice and abundance in your love life.

And then you can start being selective about who you want to date. No need to jump into a relationship with just anyone who walks into your life.

Just doing more and more of the same thing isn’t going to get you any different results.

This course was designed to take to you from working really hard at dating to sitting back and enjoying the dating process and meeting loads of quality men in just 12 weeks, and it has done that for so many women already!

Here are just some of the incredible results my clients have experienced:

* Tracey who went from one bad relationship to the next, to an engagement within 9 months

* Beverley who wasn’t meeting any commitment-minded men, to moving in with the love of her life 6 months after working with me

* Jane, who wasn’t being approached by men and constantly ‘friend zoned’, to travelling the world with her new life partner

* Karen who went from being chronically single for 8 years, to a steady boyfriend within weeks of working with me

(These are just a FEW of the amazing results!)

How long are you willing to stay single until you decide that something needs to seriously change?

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