How To Make Sure He Asks You On An Actual Date

Do you feel like online dating is hard work? Perhaps you’re struggling to convert your online conversations into actual dates and dating? Do men text you endlessly with ‘sweet dreams’ and ‘morning sunshine’ messages. Perhaps complimenting you all day long.I get it. Even though he isn’t asking you out on an actual date, it makes you feel good.So you text back. You flirt a little. You’re friendly and approachable. But, he’s still not asking you out on a ACTUAL, PHYSICAL, FACE-TO-FACE DATE!
You’re not dating anyone for that matter! You think that perhaps you need to let him know that he can ask you out. So you start hinting at the idea of meeting in person.He either doesn’t get the hint or he has a really good reason for not being able to meet in person. He eventually stops texting and disappears.You wonder what you could have done differently. Why wasn’t he interested in meeting with you?
So you move on to the next guy. But this time you are nicer. Friendlier. Flirtier. You respond sooner. Sometimes you even initiate the conversation. You do everything you possibly can to be interesting. Nothing changes.Do you give up or just keep trying again and again?The reason these men are not asking you out is because they have no incentive to do so.
If you want a guy to ask you out on a real date, follow these really simple steps:
Do not fall into the messaging trap Having endless phone and text conversations with a guy you don’t know and haven’t even met is a waste of your valuable time. You don’t want to be that woman.
Send a maximum of 3 online or text messagesWhen you send the 3rd message. Finish it off by adding: “I’m not big on messaging. It would be great to hear your voice. You can reach me at XXX”.
Stop replying to and reading his messages from that point onwardsIf at this stage he doesn’t call you, well then you MOVE ON. It means he is either not ready for a relationship or he doesn’t want to talk to you.
When he calls, make sure you end the call 6 minutes inYou want to end the conversation whilst the air is filled with mystery and intrigue. Leave him feeling like he wants more. Be polite, thank him for calling and let him know that you have to go.
If he still hasn’t asked you out…Rinse and repeat step 2 to 4 one more time. Then move on girlfriend!Women need to stop making excuses for men who are not stepping up.If a man wants to be with you, he will do whatever it takes to be with you. If not, then NEXT! This is not within your control.Let me know if anything I’ve just said is helpful to you and if anything stands out to you. I’d love to hear from you! What specifically do you need help with?

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