CASE STUDY: How to meet a quality partner by identifying, facing and overcoming limiting beliefs and fear of rejection!

“I had hit rock bottom when it came to dating and had pretty much lost hope of ever finding someone.” Danielle, early 30’s.

Are you frustrated with dating and this whole ‘finding love’ scene that seems to be getting harder and harder? This happened to Danielle, a young lady with a bright career ahead of her in the Financial Services industry. She had it all professionally, but for some reason she just couldn’t get her love life on track. She felt stuck in a pattern of dating the wrong men. She also wanted to enjoy dating again – to make it easier and get the fun and joy back. She desperately needed help to make a change!

“I came across an advert from Love Coach Bonita inviting me to watch a webinar, followed by an open discussion with her personally, where she would help me to identify what the problem was. I was in two minds about doing this since I had gotten a job overseas and was leaving in a few months. But I decided it was the perfect timing since I was starting fresh somewhere else, why not learn how to date properly and start fresh with that too?”

 Danielle had very little choice in her dating life and was going about it with a mind-set of scarcity. This was dangerous because this scarcity mind-set led her to dating men that were totally unsuitable for her in every way.

“I had dated them all – narcissists, self-involved, selfish and even crazy (the needing a restraining order kind…)”

Danielle had to learn to identify the belief-system that underpinned that mind-set that led her to believe she had little choice, and also led to her choosing the same unsuitable partner over and over again.

Another big hurdle Danielle had to overcome was her fear of rejection. Some quick, fun mind-techniques helped her to reframe this fear and gave her the motivation to take action in spite of it – and how this would give her a new lease on living life as a whole.

“Over the next few weeks I learned really important skills, including the art of flirting without fearing rejection (to name but one!).”

Add to this some great, easy-to-apply techniques for starting conversations with strangers and activating attraction when it mattered, and Danielle was well on her way to meeting someone special.  

“The techniques I learned I used as a way to meet new people here in Germany. Best of all, I got to practice what I learned and applied my new skills and techniques on my now boyfriend… We have been together almost a year and I have to say if it wasn’t for Bonita I wouldn’t have met him, as my fear of rejection would have gotten in the way.”

At the heart of my coaching sessions with Danielle, the most important skill she learned was how to choose the right partner this next time around, making sure that she would enter into a sustainable long-term relationship with someone she actually had a future with.

“However, I do think that you need to be ready when signing up with Bonita.  You need to be ready to do a lot of soul searching and face things you may have avoided, because to be happily in a relationship, you first have to learn to be happily single.”

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