I Was Ready To Give Up On Love – Then His Happened!

I know how hard love feels sometimes.

I want to share with you how close I was to giving up on finding love, until I changed 1 thing, that changed everything else.

Nearly a decade into divorced life, I was feeling hopeless and started coming to terms with living the rest of my life alone.

I was sick and tired of going on dates and meeting men I was not attracted to or who were just not quality guys (to say the least).

Men were disappearing on me or things just seemed to fizzle out.

I couldn’t stand the thought of meeting one more man that wasn’t interested in treating me like a lady.

The entire dating process was exhausting. Mentally and physically.

I was:

• Waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, worried I would never experience true love

• Constantly wondering what I was doing wrong

Feeling like a complete failure

But here is the thing: I was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


I was my own worst enemy.

I was the common denominator in all these scenarios.

When I changed my approach, everything else changed.

I decided to stop playing small and be the victim.

I committed to doing whatever it took to figure out why I sucked at love.

And that is why today I am a Love Coach. I finally did it!

And since 2009 I’ve helped thousands of women reclaim their power and step into love!

When you have the courage to finally say ENOUGH! I WANT MORE! I AM TAKING BACK CONTROL AND STEERING THIS SHIP. And back this up with a total commitment to living the love life you were always meant to live – At that moment everything changes for good!

I took back complete control and because of that everything else changed too.

My spirituality changed. My friendships changed. My business changed.

I learned how to shift my dating patterns and internal dialogue. When I felt worthy of love AND had the dating skills I needed, I was able to:

Break free from destructive relationship patterns

Attract quality men that I was ACTUALLY attracted to (and didn’t only want sex!)

• Be pursued by commitment minded men who wanted to see me again and again

Date confidently and competently. I just knew instinctively what to do every step of the way

And sooner than I ever imagined possible I met my one and only!

Today I get to wake up next to the love of my life every morning and have an amazing family.

I was able to achieve all of this because I made 5 very important shifts in my love life. If you haven’t watched my free master class yet, I am making it available again for a limited time over here: https://joinnow.live/s/4YU9iX

It highlights the exact steps I took to finally get off the dating spinning cycle and the step by step approach that I teach my clients to find love faster than they ever imagined possible.

The results are INSANE:

* From never being approached by men – to having an abundance of quality men approach you wherever you go (it will get a bit much sometimes)

* Going from no relationship in over a decade – to meeting the love of your life within 2 months

* Being confused about constantly being ‘friendzoned’ or ghosted – to living together within 7 months

* Going from one failed relationship to the next – to engaged to the love of your life within 9 months

I am offering this master class free for a limited time only so do yourself a favour and watch it now. It could totally change your life forever!


To your success in love! 

Your Love Coach


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