3 Tips to make this your BEST single holiday ever!

It is the holiday season and today I want to take you through three amazing tips to make this your best single holiday ever! 

Because guess what? 

It might be your last single holiday ever! It would probably be best for you to enjoy it because right now, my holidays consist  of family and kids and a 10 month old and a five-year-old so it’s not about me… 

Guess what? You get to make this about you and about having so much fun! Because being single over the holidays could also be an amazing time to build your social network and to get to know more and more people.  

Tip #1:

You want to say “Yes” to everything and anything that’s happening out there!  And to just show up having fun! Even if you don’t feel like going, just force yourself to go for half an hour… But what’s really important, when you show up, is you want to be having fun. You want to be  present. Because people who are fun and enjoying life – they’re just so much more attractive!  

Tip #2

Be the organizer! Arrange an amazing – online, if you can’t do offline, or offline events – ask your single friends to each bring someone single. Men, women, it doesn’t really matter. But again, have fun with it! Have a dress up, do a games night, do a Christmas  gift night, do a cooking night! Whatever! Do a poem reading night – whatever is your interest!  Have fun with it guys! This is the time to start laughing again. This has been a tough year and if you’re the person that creates a fun environment for people to connect – people who want to are going to want to be with you and spend time with you!  

Tip #3

When you meet new people, when you’re building this network and you’re getting out there, use this line: “You seem interesting, I’m looking to broaden my social network… I would love to join you when you do something again”. 

I know it feels scary because you need to be vulnerable, but we love people who are interested in us. So if you show interest in other people, and you show them that you would like to be part of their network – you’ll be amazed at how many people will be open to it. And a social network get this is the best way to meet someone amazing, so you might as well start growing it! And whether it’s a male or female, you might get to know their cousin or a work colleague.  Just get out there have fun and start connecting! 

It is time for us to connect. 2021 is almost here. This is going to be an entirely different year so grow your social network, get to know people… 

Let’s get you out there and just have fun!

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