How to make it work for you

Let’s talk about this “why are you still single?” question that we get over the holidays and how we can make this work for you – because if you have family members that  are concerned about you and they want to know – it’s not like we’re going to wish this question away.  

So we might as well deal with it. 

You know I remember I had this very well-meaning cousin that asked me and  continuously asked me,  “why are you still single?” or “when are you getting married?” –  and instead of becoming defensive and protecting  myself, and saying – “well I’m okay being single you know, there’s nothing wrong with me…” What would it be like for you to get really vulnerable and to tell the people who love you who are closest to you and who care about you, that “You know what, I don’t know why i’m still single and I would love to meet someone amazing”. And then ask them, to help you. 

That’s how you make it work for you! So say  “If you know of anyone amazing you know in your network, I would love to meet them”…  

Because ladies our network is the best possible way to meet someone. Remember that birds of a feather flock together. We think online dating is the best way to meet someone. It’s not. The statistics show us, that less than 20% of long-term relationships that are out there right now, started online. That means eighty percent of the people out there who are in relationships didn’t meet online. 

So your network is the best way to meet someone! So why not ask your family and your friends and people who care about you, if they know of anyone amazing in their network that they could introduce you. And then make sure that you don’t ask them to set you up on a blind date, because that just never works. Just arrange a social gathering or a get-together and make sure that the two of you are there. 

So try it – it’s a completely different approach! And guess what? It’s going to help you to connect to your family better. Stop isolating, stop self-preserving, stop showing everyone that you’re okay being  single, because that’s part of the problem.  

Just be honest, be vulnerable and tell people you’d love to meet someone, and if they know of anyone amazing in their network, they should introduce you! 

Have fun with it!

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