How a new perspective can change your life…

Hey there! It is 20 21 and boy are we glad to reboot and start a new year…  Especially after this last, and let me tell you that this year is a year filled with possibility and with opportunity – if you just grab it! 

I know for me last year it was a tough year and I had to pivot and I had to change a couple of things to survive – in business and it was just an amazing year for me and my family because we were forced to do things differently, but we chose to get uncomfortable and to do things that make us really really uncomfortable so that we can gain the life that we really really want. 

One of the things that we did was move out of our home city – Johannesburg. I’ve lived there for 40 year and never moved out! And we just decided we’re going to move to a small coastal town. My husband  had lived in in that city for 41 years and it was so uncomfortable. It was so hard, but we just made the decision and we stuck with it! And 

today we live by the beach, and we have this quality lifestyle and everything has changed for us – and because we’ve stepped into the life that  we really really want. Our finances have changed, he’s got an international job opportunity!  

The reason why i’m telling you this, is because I want to say that in moving into 2021…  If you think that you’re gonna get what it is that you want from life by staying comfortable…  You and i both know that’s not gonna happen.  

So the only place where we grow is when we step into uncomfortableness – into messiness – into things that feel hard… 

So my question to you as someone who believes in love, and as someone that wants to find healthy lasting love… What will you do differently in 2021 in order to realise that? 

Because you have to get uncomfortable, you have to face the fear of someone possibly hurting you when you let them back in. You have to face the anxiety of you know getting onto a dating app – whatever that is what is the discomfort that you need to face this year in order to gain the life that you want, in your love you know…  

If you’re if you’re struggling with that – taking that step forward, I want to tell you that it’s entirely possible for you! Entirely possible for you to find love, to find healthy lasting love…  

But you need to set your sights on it!  And you need to get into that messy zone of  “I don’t know what I’m doing” or “I don’t know how to do this” and if you’re looking for someone to sort of just hold your hand through this, I have 

something amazing for you! I’m hosting a free one hour workshop on the 16th of January – and it’s about how to find a quality man  despite a pandemic! Because I know this pandemic has put a lot of us back into lockdown. 

Things are crazy but my clients find love regardless… And it’s guaranteed to shake things up a little – so that you can start stepping into that discomfort and doing things a little differently…  

Just staying at home and saying “well I can’t, I can’t date because of Covid” that’s not true! My clients are getting married, they’re stepping into new relationships – despite  a pandemic! 

So make sure that you register below and i’ll see you Saturday at 10 a.m Eastern, 3 pm GMT – and let’s find you a quality man despite a pandemic – totally possible!

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