Creating Connection In A Socially Distant World

So let’s talk about connection and how to create one in a socially distant world. I know it’s really really hard, but yet it’s so important to us. I know a lot of us feel isolated right now more than ever, due to this pandemic and we were designed as human beings to thrive when we’re connected with others! And especially as women we thrive when we’re connected – and I’m not talking about everyday conversations about the weather, or your dogs, or how you’re doing – I’m talking about connecting with another person at a heart level.  Really being seen and being heard and understood… 

Now how do we form this type of connection? That’s easy! Well the answer is easy, but doing it – it takes some work.  

It’s by being vulnerable… And by being vulnerable – I mean by just sharing your heart … Like what it is that you’re feeling right there in the moment by being you at every level? Because when I’m interacting with another person, and I’m talking about what I think the other person wants me to say, and hear – well they’re communicating with our brains … And there really is no connection there. 

But when I’m communicating with my heart, with my emotions, with my feelings, that’s where the power lies in forming a connection with another person!  

Now for most of us this is a scary thing to do – because we were raised to think that my emotions, my feelings are wrong, I need to hide them, I need to suppress them. But they’re there to guide you. Your emotions and your feelings are there to guide you to your best possible life! 

So that’s another thing about being vulnerable – is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person is going to react favourably to you doing that, but that just means – that’s not your person…  

We don’t sort of place our worth based on how someone responds to me when I’m vulnerable. Because your feelings – they’re yours to have!  And they’re unique to you, and if someone else can’t appreciate that – well then that’s not your person. 

I want to give you a tool to start feeling and communicating your feelings right away – and I mean this is so easy – and it’s so basic and I think because it’s so easy people don’t do it… But just put your hand on your heart and activate your heart space and then say what you’re feeling in that moment. 

If it’s hard for you to be vulnerable and to communicate your feelings, then I have something for you today – I’m hosting a free workshop on Saturday the 30th of January…  It’s going to help you determine what are those barriers, – what’s keeping me from being vulnerable… 

It’s a six-hour workshop and it’s packed with intense intense transformation where I’m going to show you, or teach you how to Unlock Lasting Love – without relying on online dating – without having to meet more and more and more men because you don’t have to meet more men to connect with the right one! You just need to start communicating your needs at a really vulnerable vulnerable place. 

If this sounds too simple to be true, I see it happen all the time and I want to invite you to this six hour workshop – it’s on Saturday the 30th of January at 10 a.m Eastern 3 p.m GMT – just click on the link below and I’ll see you there – and let’s make magic happen! I really want to see you step into love this year! See you there! 

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