Why Love Coach Bonita is the best person to help you find lasting love!

Hi. I’m Bonita.

I’m a love coach who specialises in assisting intelligent, successful women live a life they love with the love of their life!

I am blessed to have found my true calling in life as a Love Coach.  I started my career in the dating services industry a decade ago & since then I have had the privilege of working with thousands of singles on their dating & relationship matters - as their Love Coaching mentor.

My desire to truly understand this magical thing we call love has led to many hours of study in the fields of male & female behaviour, specifically relating to socialisation, attraction, dating, love &  relationships. Add to this the research I have done for my weekly articles & blogs & we are looking at tens-of-thousands of hours of study, reading, writing & first-hand knowledge on the subject matter of dating, love & relationships.

87% of clients experience relationship success

We all know that the road to true success is paved with failure and my own experience of dating and relationships makes me a subject matter expert on finding true and lasting love!

Following a string of failed relationships (including a divorce) I finally found and married the love of my life at the age of 33, and I can contribute this success to one fact: the more you know about a particular subject the better you get at it, and as I became a seasoned Love Expert, I applied all the knowledge I had gained to my own life. 

As your Love and Relationship Coach, I am here to help you do the same and achieve the same success in love. I can help you understand the realities of dating and relationships, what makes the opposite sex tick and assist you in making better decisions during your search for true and lasting love - and ultimately lead a more meaningful life. I can catapult you to new heights in your love life and help you build a foundation for love that will last a lifetime.

I am also a certified Life Coach, having completed Brain Based Intensive Coach Training through Results Coaching Systems and the NeuroLeadership Group - an organisation accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My clients enjoy the benefits of unique, outcomes-based methodologies that are focused on results and draw from the rich theories of contemporary neuroscience.

I now have thousands of satisfied clients who have found value in my approach to relationships and dating, and who have entered into successful relationships.

My mission is to continue to empower singles the world over with the tools to attract the right partners, maintain healthy, successful and fulfilling relationships and find the true and lasting love that each and every person desires and deserves.

Helping others find love is my dream job and helping you find love is my ultimate gift to you!


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