How a new perspective can change your life…

Hey there! It is 20 21 and boy are we glad to reboot and start a new year…  Especially after this last, and let me tell you that this year is a year filled with possibility and with opportunity – if you just grab it!  I know for me last year it was a tough year and I had […]

3 Tips to make this your BEST single holiday ever!

It is the holiday season and today I want to take you through three amazing tips to make this your best single holiday ever!  Because guess what?  It might be your last single holiday ever! It would probably be best for you to enjoy it because right now, my holidays consist  of family and kids and a 10 month […]

How to make it work for you

Let’s talk about this “why are you still single?” question that we get over the holidays and how we can make this work for you – because if you have family members that  are concerned about you and they want to know – it’s not like we’re going to wish this question away.   So we might as well deal with […]

“Why are you still single”? – How to answer this question

It’s that time of the year right where it’s filled with social gatherings hopefully  if you’re allowed to gather socially. You know family getting together people loving each other – laughter – planning your holiday with family.  And you know I know that inevitably this one question is going to come up. And it’s usually  a well-meaning family member asking […]

Coping with a crisis when you’re alone

If we’re going to be honest, being in lockdown isn’t all that easy.  Especially if you’re doing it alone or as a single parent (i.e. the only grownup in the household!). Today I give you some basic strategies for making the best of your current situation.Anyone feel like sharing what you’re going through at this […]

I Was Ready To Give Up On Love – Then His Happened!

I want to share with you how close I was to giving up on finding love, until I changed 1 thing, that changed everything else. Nearly a decade into divorced life, I was feeling hopeless and started coming to terms with living the rest of my life alone. I was sick and tired of going […]

Why Choosing A Guy Based on Physical Attraction Is Going To Get You Nowhere

Are you basing your love life decisions on how a guy looks? Then you won’t want to miss this training. 👇
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💗Can I Ask A Guy Out On A Date? 💗

Let’s clear this up once and for all shall we!?! Do you have any other questions for me on asking men out on a date?Perhaps you would like to know more on how to get men to ask you out on a date? 👇Drop me a message or comment below and I will be sure […]

Why You Keep Attracting The Same Men and How To Stop

I know how frustrating it can be. You’re smart, successful, attractive and have your life together on all levels, except you’re getting absolutely nowhere in your love life. You’re working hard at dating and finding love. You’re open, available and putting yourself out there. You’re meeting men and going on dates. Sometimes it even feels […]