Creating Connection In A Socially Distant World

So let’s talk about connection and how to create one in a socially distant world. I know it’s really really hard, but yet it’s so important to us. I know a lot of us feel isolated right now more than ever, due to this pandemic and we were designed as human beings to thrive when we’re connected with others! And especially […]

I Was Ready To Give Up On Love – Then His Happened!

I want to share with you how close I was to giving up on finding love, until I changed 1 thing, that changed everything else. Nearly a decade into divorced life, I was feeling hopeless and started coming to terms with living the rest of my life alone. I was sick and tired of going […]

Are You Ready To Be Passionately Loved?

If you’re sitting on the fence about working with me then you may want to read this lovely testimonial from a fabulous lady who recently completed my program. My 12 week group program is nothing short of LIFE CHANGING! Why continue to try this on your own if I can offer you a proven step-by-step […]

I Was Ready To Give Up On Finding Love – Then Everything Changed!

Let’s cut to the chase – I wanna share with you how finding love was really hard for me too – until I met my husband and finally did find love! But also… I want to share with you my journey to getting here. Because I know sometimes we can’t help but wonder, will that […]