Find An Amazing Quality Man, Despite A Pandemic

Live & Interactive 1 Hour Workshop

Monday 15 February

11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET

What you will receive in this workshop?

💜 Clear strategies and

💜 Actionable steps

💜 Sift through all the rubbish and noise in the online dating world…

💜 …and identify quality men to date.

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What others are saying...

Her industry experience spans over a decade, and during this time, Bonita has helped thousands of women to find and keep love.

Her services are available worldwide and her 100% satisfaction rate places her as one of the highest-ranked love coaches in the world.

Her own experiences saw Bonita living through ten years of negative dating and a failed marriage. Questioning the reasons for this led her to a journey of great self-discovery, where probing and testing brought her to the revelation of why all areas of her life, except love, were successful.

Today, Bonita is happily married and has two daughters. She experiences deep gratitude for a life she loves daily, and teaches her clients how to apply what she has learned, to help them find balance and relationship success in their own lives.

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