Only 15 Weeks Left of 2018!

I meet so many women who keep telling themselves that they still have plenty of time and therefore put dating and relationships on hold entirely. Some even say it will happen when the time is right. They tell themselves that they will focus on love in the New Year.

How many times have you promised yourself that, only to numb out in work and life again. And before you know it, there are only 15 weeks left in the year?

How many holidays have you spent feeling lonely and dodging questions like: “Why are you still single?” or “When are you going to finally meet someone?”. Secretly ashamed of not being able to figure this out and heartbroken that you have no-one to share life with.

The reasons you have for not stepping into love right now are really a coping mechanism for not having to deal with your most intimate fears.

Perhaps you fear being hurt again. Maybe you fear rejection. Or it could be a fear of the unknown.

Here is the thing I know to be true of fear - It is all in your mind. It feels very real to you, but it is not the truth. Deep within the subconscious, your mind is trying to keep you safe from a perceived threat that is based on your past experience - and not on the current situation. When you have the tools to deal with these fears effectively, you will soon realise that they are unfounded.

And your life will begin to transform!

Right now, fear keeps you from taking action, finding love and living a fulfilled life.

So if you keep telling yourself you still have plenty of time and you are putting off dating and relationships for when the time is right - let me tell you - there is never a more opportune time to step into real and lasting love than RIGHT NOW!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now.

Why would you possibly want to go one more day without true love?

Are you going to choose to give in to your fears and all the reasons why you can’t and shouldn't find love in 2018 or are you going to choose to find love and spend the holidays with an amazing man who loves you passionately?

I know this to be true: You deserve to live a life filled with love. Don’t let fear hold you back!

If you are ready to step into action and make the last 15 weeks of 2018 work for you so that you can enter the New Year with an amazing man in your life, then schedule a free breakthrough call with me over here.

It is time!

Your Love Coach