Why The Men You Find Attractive Don’t Choose You

Let me guess. When it comes to dating and relationships you are the one initiating interactions with the men you like. You never know where you stand with a guy, so you ask him out but his answer leaves you feeling even more confused. In an effort to make him see you, you give of […]

Why Meeting More Men Will Not Solve Your Love Life

Today I wanted to talk about a huge mistake that I see a lot of single women make when they try meeting more men.  They are seriously putting themselves out there. They have an online profile, are swiping left and right and try meeting more and more men. These women figure, if they keep going […]

I Was Ready To Give Up On Finding Love – Then Everything Changed!

Let’s cut to the chase – I wanna share with you how finding love was really hard for me too – until I met my husband and finally did find love! But also… I want to share with you my journey to getting here. Because I know sometimes we can’t help but wonder, will that […]