Coping with a crisis when you’re alone

If we’re going to be honest, being in lockdown isn’t all that easy.  Especially if you’re doing it alone or as a single parent (i.e. the only grownup in the household!). Today I give you some basic strategies for making the best of your current situation.Anyone feel like sharing what you’re going through at this […]

Stop Thinking You Are Going To Die Alone

I remember a time when I felt hopeless about love and was ready to give up.  I actually gave up many, many times. I started telling myself that I would be ok. Alone. Forever. Only to find myself online again in search of love. Some nights I would wake up anxious, wondering if I would […]

Why Meeting More Men Will Not Solve Your Love Life

Today I wanted to talk about a huge mistake that I see a lot of single women make when they try meeting more men.  They are seriously putting themselves out there. They have an online profile, are swiping left and right and try meeting more and more men. These women figure, if they keep going […]

If You Want More Love In Your Life, Do This…

Let’s be honest, there isn’t nearly enough love doing its rounds in the world today. Love is one of our most basic human emotions. Without it we are unfulfilled at the core and dare I say that, a life without love is a meaningless one. I know for a fact that love is the most […]

It’s No-one’s Fault Really, But It Is Your Responsibility

Let’s be honest here. Most of us suck at relationships. I want to tell you today that it’s not your fault. You can let go of being so hard on yourself for not being able to figure it out. Unfortunately most of us didn’t learn how to cultivate a long-term, healthy relationship because we didn’t […]

Dating Advice: How To Date Like A Grown-up

You are reading this dating advice because dating isn’t easy. Whether you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while or you’ve been doing it for ages and are feeling frustrated and exhausted by the entire dating experience. As your Dating Coach and Relationship Coach, I’m here to show you that dating can be […]