Dating can be disappointing, especially when you meet that one-in-amillion ‘kinda guy and he ghosts you.
My client Beverly was super frustrated when I first met her.
She is a smart, successful and accomplished woman who travels the world as a Sales Director for an international corporation.
Every area of her life was perfect, except for love.
At the time Bev was nearing early retirement and had been single for 4 years, following 2 failed marriages.
She was trying really hard to meet someone to spend the rest of her life with:
>> Meeting men on dating sites
>> Signing up with more than 1 matchmaking service
>> Attending singles events and dinner parties
According to her, ‘men are flaky’ and she had created a belief that men just aren’t interested in long-term committing these days.
They would go on a couple of dates. Things would go really well. He would text her twice a day and tell her how beautiful she is.
She was also recently blindsided by a guy she thought was different.
They had been dating for a couple of months. They were planning weekends together. She had met his friends. They were even talking about planning the holidays together, and then…
He tells her ‘this’ isn’t working for him anymore.
Out of nowhere?!?!
She was left speechless. Wondering why, but he couldn’t tell her why…
There is actually a really simple reason why this keeps happening to her over and over again.
Bev was putting all her focus on men and trying to find ‘the right one’ instead of focusing on herself.
We got to work immediately:
>> She worked on being the best version of herself and stopped trying to do whatever possible to keep men interested
>> Instead of trying to get men to commit to her, she committed to herself, her own happiness and fulfillment
>> As she created an unshakable bond with herself and got to know just how amazing she really is, dating became easier, more fun and exciting
>> She was no longer placing her sense of value on how men treated her, but it came from within
>> Her newly found confidence and self-worth translated into healthy boundaries
>> She was super attractive to men. They starting pursuing her, wanting to see her again, and again and again
She went on a couple more dates, then finally met Craig on Tinder.
Even though she wanted to spend every waking moment with this amazing man, she stuck to her new life rituals and stayed true to her authentic self.
Craig loved this about her.
Today they are living together and very happy.

In 12 weeks, with a simple step by step system, my clients are changing this pattern and making sure  that men do not disappear on them EVER again.

If you’re confused about why men are not committing to you or why they keep on disappearing and you really want to find the perfect guy to spend the rest of your life with, we should talk.

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